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Mobiles Applications

Applications mobiles

Mobile devices permanently connect us to information. In this context, mobile devices turn out to be useful to circulate information more quickly and gain in productivity or to approach clients in a marketing context.

We propose to migrate existing web products to mobile interfaces. Our developers work to put in place customized solutions, especially on iOS and Android, closely linked to your needs.

Web Solutions

Web apps, as online software versions, are accessible from any kind of device or web browser. They allow to address modern mobility demands.

We develop your application in the most popular programming languages so as to maximize their longevity.

We master important technologies for your success: Javascript, Python, Java, and others. Your web application should also have a design made for an agreeable and comfortable navigation.


Innovative solutions


BNF Software is an agency that offers its services in the new technology sector. More specifically, we develop mobile and web software solutions (applications) that allow your project to follow the demands of the market in which you evolve and to place your organization at the forefront of innovation.

We work on our projects in the so-called “agile” method. This allows to advance progressively and in a completely transparent way, to make periodical adjustments according to our project follow-up meetings, and consequently to involve our clients closely so as to deliver an excellent product.

The BNF method

The cooperative method that we put in place with our clients is part of our agency’s DNA. It is for this reason that our development procedures allow the client’s active participation. This method allows us to better grasp the business context and problems particular to each company.

BNF Sofware offers you a turnkey product development service. From the needs analysis to production, we will support you in assuring your project’s success.

  • Android
  • Python
  • node.js
  • Java
  • Objective C + Switft
  • iOS

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